Vibhu Sethi immigrated to the United States in 1999 from India. After going to school in Boston and receiving a master’s degree in restaurant management from Johnson and Wales, Vibhu moved to Northern Virginia and began working for a popular chain called “Chicken Out.” Upon moving on to be a general manager at a Woodbridge “Applebee’s,” Vibhu instantly realized that he wanted something more.

“I was working 65-70 hours a week — working a lot of nights. At times, I wouldn’t get home until 4 o’clock in the morning,” Vibhu said. “I just found the rewards and the salary didn’t match the effort I was putting in.

When the opportunity arose to purchase a California Tortilla. Vibhu took a leap of faith, maxed out his credit cards, and joined the California Tortilla Family. Within two years, Vibhu had paid off all of his debt. Within eight years, Vibhu has reached a point where he’s looking to open a second restaurant.

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