Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

In a world where “Mexican food joints” are opening locations, unfreezing meats and low quality food products, slapping them in a burrito and serving them to their customers, California Tortilla is surprising and delighting its guests by showing respect to one of America’s favorite meals. Our community of Franchise Owners and their employees think of food not just as a meal, but as a work of art, and they show that same respect to our customers. We genuinely care, and that’s the reason why we are successful.

Mexican Food Franchise

What makes our Mexican grill franchise unique is the premise that we are serious about food. It has to be great. We use only premium proteins and our salsa, guacamole, queso and sauces are made fresh daily from the best ingredients we can get our hands on. In fact, there’s no freezer on site at all. Our menu is Chef-Inspired, and while we cater to individual needs, we offer bold and exciting flavor profiles in our signature products.

“All-natural, Mesquite chicken breast or farm-fresh veggies, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and filled with Mexican quinoa (with black beans, corn, jalapeños and salsa), Feta cheese, Roma tomatoes and fresh Hass avocados, drizzled with our hand-crafted Avocado-honey lime vinaigrette and topped with our homemade Kale slaw.”

Mexican Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

love this place! suitable for vegetarians, just ask for no meat and get extra beans or go with the “no meato”!!!
I love the extensive variety of hot sauces, and with no doubt the green sauce is my favorite.
definitely my new favorite place! love that it’s different from chipotle, as that was getting a little boring! nothing beats the Mexican tacos from California or Mexico itself, but these are good enough!

Christine K.
Clifton, NJ
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Our business model proves that if you are hyper-focused on providing a high quality product and exceptional customer service, you will be successful. The proof for this premise is our financial success. We invite you to research the economics of our business model in comparison to other Fast Casuals out there, and come to that determination yourself.

The initial investment range for California Tortilla is $378k to $697k. Actuals cost will be determined largely by the type and condition of the real estate and the particular market you are in. Accordingly, our financial requirements are based on the availability of $250K in liquid capital, $1M in net worth and a high credit score.

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Mexican Fast Food Franchise

“What stood out was the freshness of the ingredients. The variety is limitless. The freshness of the ingredients, the choices, and the people. Every California Tortilla I’ve been to, people are just happy.”

Franchise Owner

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$52 Billion 
Mexican Restaurant Franchise


We fall within the exploding health food sector, now exceeding $1 trillion a year worldwide. California Tortilla’s high quality food appeals to consumers who want  to feel good about how they fuel themselves.

Mexican Grill Franchise


Consumers are demanding their food not only be delicious and fulfilling, but that is served quickly. Fast Casuals  are proving to be the dominant force in the food industry as consumers lives get busier and busier. 

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When you serve a delicious product quickly and with a smile (like we do at Cal Tort) you’re going to have loyal, happy customers. Happy customers make for happy employees, and that makes for happy Franchise Owners. 

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Even during times of economic downturn, the Fast Casual segment remains stable. While consumers cut back on high-end dining, Fast Casuals are more likely to be insulated during periods of recession.

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