California Tortilla’s unique menu items the Blackened Chicken Caesar Burrito and the Bacon Chicken Club Burrito were praised NRN’s Senior Food Editors article in Bret Thorn’s ‘Start with Tacos.’

As noted by Thorn, demand for Americanized versions of Mexican food has exploded over the last decade, with sales jumping in medium to large Mexican chains by 86%.

Mexican is a staple in many Americans diets, however California Tortilla wanted to establish itself as a restaurant where people could visit even if they weren’t interested in Mexican flavors.

California Tortilla is standing out from the crowd by offering non-Mexican food in Mexican packages, ‘it’s practically our identity’ CEO Keith Goldman stated. This ability to have a unique identity and be noticed has so far delivered great success to California Tortilla, with more than 50 restaurants now open.

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