Franchise Bold Flavors

Franchise Owners Keith Goldman and Bob Phillips met with Franchise Interviews to discuss what made them choose California Tortilla.

“Falling in love with the brand’s bold flavors and fun, laid-back attitude, the duo felt the concept would be perfect for a world they were familiar with – franchising.”

Goldman and Phillips started with California Tortilla in 2002 as franchise owners; Goldman having over 40 years of restaurant experience and Phillips being a franchise veteran, they were ready to take on a challenge. You can now see them now, 16 years later, in 8 different states, across the Atlantic region, with over 50 restaurants. The owners have raised Cal-Tort from nothing into something, and they are sure humbled by it.  The duo plans to expand past the East coast and into other territories, as they want others to experience the Californication.

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