California Tortilla will be opening 3 new locations in Kansas in 2019, starting in Wichita!

Mark Poling, a new California Tortilla Franchise Owner, is excited to become a business owner this year. He injured himself while working for UPS, and afterwards began looking into franchising as an alternative source of income. Poling and his wife found California Tortilla, and loved the authentic flavors and bold food options so much they decided to open one themselves.

“My wife’s standard is very high when it comes to this type of food, and they just nailed it,” Poling says. “They’re not afraid to be cutting edge with their menu items and their ingredients.”

Poling expects the Wichita location to be very successful, as it was also the first Pizza Hut location as well as other restaurant franchises. The new location is scheduled to open in November, with the other two locations following suit shortly after!

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