How We Compete with the Top Tex Mex Franchises

What Customers Want

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Mexican food has become one of America’s favorite meals, and as such locations are opening constantly to try and satisfy that demand. But unfreezing meats and low quality food products, slapping them into burritos and serving them isn’t satisfying customers. People have come to expect fresh food and great tasting ingredients in their Mexican food, and the California Tortilla franchise delights in surprising its guests by giving Mexican food the respect it deserves and what the customers are clamoring for.

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This is by far my fave place. The food is consistent and tastes great. I love the wall of flame sauce wall. The staff is incredibly friendly and always on point. The best quick food in the area with a kick!!! Great food, super nice staff, good parking, fun and relaxed atmosphere, great soda selection, awesome sauces, good prices. End up picking here over our next fave place most weekends 🙂

Brian S.
Manassas, VA

California Tortilla

Higher Quality

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It all starts with the food. Our Tex Mex Franchises are dedicated to never cutting corners by providing food that is made with great, fresh ingredients that are sourced from local farmers to table purveyors. California Tortilla’s quality standards aren’t based on what’s acceptable in the Fast Casual industry. We have our own, higher set of standards that are set by what our guests deserve. It isn’t complicated — fresh just tastes better.


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$52 Billion 
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We fall within the exploding health food sector, now exceeding $1 trillion a year worldwide. California Tortilla’s high quality food appeals to consumers who want  to feel good about how they fuel themselves.

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Consumers are demanding their food not only be delicious and fulfilling, but that is served quickly. Fast Casuals  are proving to be the dominant force in the food industry as consumers lives get busier and busier. 

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When you serve a delicious product quickly and with a smile (like we do at Cal Tort) you’re going to have loyal, happy customers. Happy customers make for happy employees, and that makes for happy Franchise Owners. 

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Even during times of economic downturn, the Fast Casual segment remains stable. While consumers cut back on high-end dining, Fast Casuals are more likely to be insulated during periods of recession.

What Set Us Apart

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We are serious about our food. It has to be great. This premise sets our Tex Mex Franchise apart from other franchises. We make sure to use only premium proteins, and our salsa, guacamole, queso and sauces are made fresh daily using only the best ingredients. Our menu is Chef-Inspired, and while we cater to individual needs, we offer bold and exciting flavor profiles in our signature products.

Cal Tort

Our Tex Mex franchise is a unique take on “California style” Mexican. Our signature items offer a twist on traditional Mexican flavors and include sauces like Honey Lime, Crunchy BBQ Ranch, Korean BBQ, and California Screamin’. Top that with some of the best customer service out there, and you have loyal customers who will be eating at your restaurant multiple times per week!

Interested in the Mexican food franchise industry? Learn why California Tortilla is the right tex mex franchise for you!

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