With countless Mexican restaurant franchises found across the nation, what puts opening your own California Tortilla location above the rest? The immediate love from California Tortilla customers! When joining California Tortilla, you’ll be introduced to a loyal network of lovers of the Mexican restaurant franchise. From our top-of-the-line customer service to our guarantee for using only the best and freshest ingredients, we see our devoted customers coming to eat at their local California Tortilla multiple times a week! We care about giving our customers the best food and experience, and it shows. 

Let’s see what our fans have to say about the California Tortilla menu.

“I came here for the soft opening and my burrito was the freshest fast food burrito I’ve ever had. Tonight I had the mango chicken salad, but I replaced the chicken with their tilapia. The tilapia is crusted with FLAVOR & the salad was also SO FRESH!!!!! I loved every bite of it.” —Christie A., Stamford, CT

“I rarely ever do a review, so it has to be an extreme experience, good or bad.  Just passing through from Southern California where I’m pretty biased about good tacos and burritos.  Needed a quick bite for dinner, and found this place on Yelp. Superfood Burrito with chicken was one of the BEST burritos, if not THE best, I’ve ever had.  Fast, fresh, healthy and hot, with an excellent chipotle hot sauce from an amazing wall of choices to top it off.”—Mark B., La Mesa, CA

“Cali Tort puts all other chains to shame. First of all, they are consistently amazing. I’ve never had anything I didn’t like. Favorites are the southwestern salad and blackened chicken tacos. They always taste fresh and are full of flavor. But the highlight of the menu is their queso- its liquid gold. Seriously, we buy quarts of the stuff, it’s that good.” —Amanda M., Royersford, PA

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Let’s also see what our customers had to say about our customer service!

“The food is super fresh! You will not leave this place disappointed, anything you get, you’ll be sure to rave about to friends and family. The manager is super helpful and so is the staff. They always make sure you are taken care of and ask if everything is alright. This place is also very professional. Thank you to everyone who works here for providing quality, fresh and flavorful food. I can see you all really care about customer service. Cheers to success!” — Luis M., New York, NY

“The thing that really sets this particular location apart from others, though, is the service.  The manager personally has come to our table several times when we’ve eaten there and inquired how our meal was and was more than happy to accommodate any changes we had.  The friendliness trickles down to the staff who are great as well.” —Rob L., Gainesville, VA

“Walking into the California Tortilla I was overwhelmed with the atmosphere that the store brought! My friends and I were greeted by the store owner that made us all feel at home! The home atmosphere to the food joint was unreal. I tried to go up and grab my food and the owner said sit down make yourself at home I’ll bring it to you. Nowhere other than the California Tortilla would the owner would greet you and bring your food out. This was my first time here and they treated me like a regular.”  —Trevor I., Broomfield Hills, MI

“In this day and age, I almost expect bad service everywhere I go. This place is a breath of fresh air. They bring you your food, check in and call you by name, and even bring you chocolate when you’re done! Restaurants should take lessons from here.  A+.”  —M B., Bethesda, MD

These are just a few of the many amazing reviews written about the dozens of California Tortillas across the US! As you can see, we pride ourselves in upholding our great customer service and emphasizing the importance of having the best-in-class products. If you are a business-savvy individual who understands the importance of these two values of California Tortilla, owning your own location of our Mexican restaurant franchise could be perfect for you. We are looking for the perfect partners who are ready to reimagine their lives. Click HERE to learn more about the goals and values of California Tortilla, and see how you can be the perfect fit in growing the customer love for our Mexican restaurant franchise across the country.