Booming Mexican Restaurant Franchise Opportunities: Why Become a Franchise Owner

Booming Market

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

Many things set California Tortilla apart from the competition, first of all being that we are serious about our food. Using only high quality, fresh food we have managed to tap into the exploding health food sector which now exceeds $1 trillion a year worldwide. We are perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the booming Mexican restaurant franchise opportunities and need motivated individuals to join us and help us to carry the torch towards success. We hope that’s you and that  you’re ready to join California Tortilla.

Mexican Food Franchise


Mexican Restaurant Franchise

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The California Tortilla business model is different than most Fast Casual opportunities out there. Our Mexican food franchise is relentless about ensuring we use only the highest quality ingredients available. We have Chef-Inspired recipes that compete with even the most upscale Mexican restaurants, only our food is served quickly and affordably. As a result, our unit economics are some of the best you’ll find in the industry. We’re not stopping there. We spend our days improving the California Tortilla customer experience to make sure that each visit to one of our Mexican restaurant franchise locations is beyond expectations. It’s Mexican Re-imagined.

Years of Experience

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

Through our years of experience we have created and implemented a unique business model that continues to prove successful. If you’re interested in becoming a franchise owner, now is the time to take advantage of our opportunities. If you are hyper-motivated and can provide excellent customer service along with high quality product, we want to talk to you. Using our tried and true business model, and with California Tortilla to support you, you will achieve success.

Mexican Restaurant Franchise

If you’re looking for proof look no further than our own financial success. Even during times of economic downturn the Fast casual segment continues to remain stable showing that we are likely to be insulated during periods of recession. Leaning heavily on our business model we continue to see steady growth and would invite you to research the economics of our business model in comparison to other Fast Casuals out there, and come to that determination yourself.

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“Out of the gate it was just overwhelming. We had lines outside the door… I’m into my second year and this year has been way beyond my expectation.”

Franchise Owner

Pursuit of Perfection

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

We’ve committed ourselves to the continuous pursuit of perfection for our customers. At California Tortilla we are on the lookout for individuals ready to take full advantage of the Mexican restaurant franchise opportunities, to apply themselves, and are ready to provide healthy, great tasting food to their own communities. Our community of Franchise Owners and their employees think of food not just as a meal, but as a work of art, and they show that same respect to our customers. We genuinely care, and that’s the reason why we are successful.

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Interested in the Mexican food franchise industry? Learn why California Tortilla is the Mexican restuarant franchise for you!

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