Mexican Restaurant Franchise: Invest in Your Future

Franchising – A Fulfilling Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

Are you tired of putting in long hours of work for someone else?  Do you dream of being your own boss, but you’re afraid to make the leap into business ownership?  A franchise is the perfect answer to this dilemma. A model of business ownership with support and guaranteed success, franchising can be a great introduction into entrepreneurship.  If you are looking for a satisfying career opportunity, consider opening a California Tortilla, the best in the Mexican restaurant franchise industry.

By joining the California Tortilla team, you are entering a tried and true business organization.  For over 15 years, California Tortilla has successfully served delicious, healthy food to happy customers.  Our successful business model has been rigorously outlined and applied to the franchise market. We provide unlimited support to all locations through training, marketing strategy plans, and ongoing assistance.  

Owning a burrito franchise brings you the satisfaction of hard work and entrepreneurship without the stress and risk of a start-up business.  Franchise ownership also brings the possibility of high earnings, particularly with a well established franchise like California Tortilla.


Mexican Food Franchise


Mexican Restaurant Franchise

Burrito Franchise
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Excellent Unit Economics
Mexican Fast Food Franchises
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Fresh Ingredients

The California Tortilla business model is different than most Fast Casual opportunities out there. Our Mexican food franchise is relentless about ensuring we use only the highest quality ingredients available. We have Chef-Inspired recipes that compete with even the most upscale Mexican restaurants, only our food is served quickly and affordably. As a result, our unit economics are some of the best you’ll find in the industry. We’re not stopping there. We spend our days improving the California Tortilla customer experience to make sure that each visit to one of our Mexican restaurant franchise locations is beyond expectations. It’s Mexican Re-imagined.

Unlimited Earning Opportunity With a Mexican Restaurant Franchise

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

While there are innumerable franchise opportunities available, one of the top successful franchise markets is the fast casual food industry.  Fast casual style restaurants fit with people’s busy lifestyles and are consistently chosen over formal dining restaurants. That being said, today’s society is also heavily focused on healthy and people demand fresh, delicious ingredients.  California Tortilla happens to fall under both the fast casual and healthy categories, making it the gold star of Mexican restaurant franchise opportunities.

The fast casual restaurant industry is a $52 billion a year industry.  Not only does it perform impressively well year after year, the fast casual industry is also considered recession resilient.  During times of recession, consumers are more likely to cut back on expensive, formal dining visits. Fast casual restaurants produce quality meals at affordable prices, making them accessible in all types of economic situations.   Mexican restaurant franchises also happen to be the best performers in the fast casual restaurant industry, with consumers spending about $40 billion in Mexican restaurants annually. As California Tortilla only uses fresh, never frozen, farm to table ingredients, customers consistently chose us over competitors as a healthy, delicious, and affordable meal option.


Mexican Fast Food Franchise

“What stood out was the freshness of the ingredients. The variety is limitless. The freshness of the ingredients, the choices, and the people. Every California Tortilla I’ve been to, people are just happy.”

Franchise Owner

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Mexican Food Franchise

Invest in Your Future with California Tortilla

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

By joining the California Tortilla team, you are investing in your future.  A chance at entrepreneurship means professional growth and learning the ins and outs of business ownership.  You could use your knowledge and success as a California Tortilla franchisee to open more California Tortillas or your own burrito franchise.  With an average store revenue of $1,023,268, you can expect explosive financial gains as a California Tortilla owner. If you are passionate about success and providing a healthy, quality product to your local community, then we are passionate about partnering with you.  Get in touch with us today to learn more about the benefits of owning a Mexican restaurant franchise like California Tortilla.

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