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Our Menu, It’s What Sets Us Apart From Other Mexican Grill Franchise Restaurants

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California Tortilla is Mexican re-imagined. In a market where fast casual restaurants are bombing, ethnic inspired flavors are leading the charge. More than ever before, new restaurants and flavors are entering the scene. Consumers are eager to try new flavors, and even with all of the new options out there, California Tortilla stands out from the crowd. What really sets our menu apart from other Mexican franchise fast casuals is our focus on premium ingredients and bold, inspired flavors.


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“I was looking for a brand that had a lot of legs and wasn’t a fad. I like businesses that are straight forward, where you can look on paper and make the decision. It’s a fairly easy math model to follow and say, ‘as long as I hit these targets, I’ll be okay.’”

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Local Fresh Ingredients

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The fast casual market is growing quickly and many “Mexican Food Joints” are opening their doors, unfreezing meats, slapping it together with low quality food products, and bundling it up with a tortilla to serve to their customers. But at California tortilla, that’s just not how we do things. Our Tex Mex franchise is relentless about ensuring we use only the highest quality ingredients available. We are surprising and delighting our guests by showing one of America’s favorite meals the respect that it deserves.

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We are serious about food, it has to be great! We never cut corners on ingredients because at California Tortilla we know that great food starts with great ingredients. Our high quality food appeals to consumers who want to feel good about how they fuel themselves.

Consumers are taking their health into their own hands and are increasingly seeking out restaurants that use fresh healthy, locally sourced, and sustainable ingredients. At California Tortilla we listen to our customers. We source our premium ingredients from local farm to table purveyors. All of our sauces, salsas and guacamole are made fresh in house daily. In fact, our resturants don’t even have a freezer. We don’t base our standards on that of the fast casual restaurant industry. We hold ourselves to our own, higher, set of standards because we know our guests deserve the best and fresh tastes best!

Chef Inspired

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At California Tortilla, we are serious about food. We believe that food should be inspired which is why our menu is Chef-Inspired! Our Tex Mex franchise takes the classic Mexican staples of rice, beans, and meat and elevate it to a full-on culinary experience. We fuse those classic Mexican ingredients with bold unexpected flavors from around the globe to create a meal that is truly unique and memorable. When you eat at California Tortilla it is more than just a meal you can feel great about eating, it is an experience that keeps our guests coming back for more! As the only Mexican grill franchise on the market giving customers this unique experience, we turn our guest into raving fans of those crave-inducing, deliciously bold flavors that they just can’t get enough of.  

Those bold exciting flavor profiles are highlighted in our signature products such as Honey Lime, Korean BBQ, and our signature California Screamin’. Our flavors compete with even the most upscale restaurants, the difference is that we are able to provide those amazingly distinct flavors while also making meals that are quick and affordable. It is this unique ability that makes our unit economics some of the best that you will see in the industry. Simply put, we give our guests an experience that they can’t find anywhere else.

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Continually Innovating

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In a class all on our own, we are not stopping there. Unlike other Mexican grill franchises we continue to improve our recipes, menus, and service. With our always premium fresh ingredients and our bold stand alone flavors we have worked hard to ensure that each and every customer has an experience beyond their expectations at every California Tortilla location. The market may be exploding, but California Tortilla is in a league all its own. If you are looking for a Mexican franchise that has the concept to go the distance, a restaurant that is more than just a fad, look no further than California Tortilla.

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