Why People are Leaving Corporate America: Start a Mexican Food Franchise

New Avenues

Mexican Restaurant Franchise

The 9 to 5 desk job is causing people to look for new avenues where they can experience success. Mexican Food Franchises provide appealing opportunities for those willing to leave Corporate America behind and are determined to succeed. In a world that appears to be in need of high quality and fast casual food more than ever before, entrepreneurs who are hungry for success can easily take a California Tortilla franchise and grow it into multiple locations.

California Tortilla

The Mexican Food Franchise controls a large portion of the Fast Casual Food market, and California Tortilla commands some of the best economics in the industry. If you are hyper-focused on providing a high quality product along with terrific customer service, you will experience success. We invite you to research the economics of our business model and come to that determination for yourself.


Mexican Fast Food Franchise

“What stood out was the freshness of the ingredients. The variety is limitless. The freshness of the ingredients, the choices, and the people. Every California Tortilla I’ve been to, people are just happy.”

Franchise Owner

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Not Alone

Mexican Restaurant Franchise

Have you ever found yourself feeling that your current job is unfulfilling? Do you find your corporate job to be meaningless? Are you lost in thoughts of finding other work or are constantly searching for other opportunities? You’re not alone.

Corporate work can be difficult and often unfulfilling. You can spend hours on a project and rarely see any returns. Starting a Mexican food franchise can help in giving your life purpose again. You will be your own boss; make your own hours, hire your own staff, make your own opportunities. Your success will finally be in your own hands, and with California Tortilla to support you, you will see success.

Tex Mex Franchise

Interested in our Mexican Grill Food Franchise? Get started on your way to your own Cal Tort location!

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First Steps

Mexican Restaurant Franchise

If you’re frustrated with your current position, consider joining California Tortilla. We are looking for individuals who share our passion for providing a best-in-class experience, products and customer service. We need partners who deeply care about their business, are passionate about providing a high quality product and have the ability to execute our business model flawlessly. We hope that’s you and that you’ll take the first steps toward becoming a California Tortilla owner.

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