Comparison of Top Mexican Fast Food Franchises

A Taco Franchise That Stands Out

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

California Tortilla is leading across three franchise industries: fast casual, healthy, and Mexican food. Representing $1 trillion, $52 billion, and $41 billion respectively, these are big earning markets. Mexican fast food franchises have captured the American consumer’s imagination for decades with authentic flavors and various options. When considering joining the taco franchise industry, there are a lot of options to choose from. California Tortilla stands out from the crowd with freshness, flavor, affordability, and excellent unit economics.

Mexican fast food franchises


Taco Franchises

Fast Casual
$52 Billion 
Mexican Restaurant Franchise


We fall within the exploding health food sector, now exceeding $1 trillion a year worldwide. California Tortilla’s high quality food appeals to consumers who want  to feel good about how they fuel themselves.

Mexican Grill Franchise


Consumers are demanding their food not only be delicious and fulfilling, but that is served quickly. Fast Casuals  are proving to be the dominant force in the food industry as consumers lives get busier and busier. 

Taco Franchises


When you serve a delicious product quickly and with a smile (like we do at Cal Tort) you’re going to have loyal, happy customers. Happy customers make for happy employees, and that makes for happy Franchise Owners. 

Burrito Franchise


Even during times of economic downturn, the Fast Casual segment remains stable. While consumers cut back on high-end dining, Fast Casuals are more likely to be insulated during periods of recession.

Fresh, Never Frozen Ingredients in Ou Mexican Fast Food Franchises

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

As healthy diets and lifestyles are trending, consumers are now more concerned than ever with the food they are fueling their bodies with. California Tortilla has stayed above all the other Mexican fast food franchises on this trend by only offering the freshest of ingredients. All of our meats are fresh, never frozen, and grilled on site. We make all of our sauces and meals from scratch, on site. Guacamole is made every hour, on the hour, from the ripest avocados. Customers never have to worry about where our ingredients are coming from – they are brought in farm fresh, daily. Most other Mexican fast food franchises use frozen meats, sub-par ingredients, and premade sauces. Customers can feel satisfied when they eat at California Tortilla, because we make sure never to sacrifice health for the sake of flavor.

Mexican Food Franchise

Flavor, in fact, is our specialty. When it comes to flavor, quality ingredients make all the difference. Since 1995 we have made a delicious commitment to only provide our customers with top quality ingredients and unbeatable flavor. Every bite of grilled chicken, tangy guacamole, and crisp lettuce creates that fiesta of flavors that customers of Mexican fast food franchises are loco about. When it comes to flavor and quality, California Tortilla stands out in a big way.


Mexican Fast Food Franchise

“What stood out was the freshness of the ingredients. The variety is limitless. The freshness of the ingredients, the choices, and the people. Every California Tortilla I’ve been to, people are just happy.”

Franchise Owner

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The Fast Casual Industry

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

The fast casual industry is a multi billion dollar industry that shows growth year after year. A fast casual taco franchise offers busy consumers a quick and affordable dining experience. California Tortilla is able to offer the same fast and affordable atmosphere of fast casuals without sacrificing flavor and quality. Fast casual restaurants have shown to be recession resilient because they offer consumers a more affordable option to formal dining in times of economic trouble (and everyone has got to eat). California Tortilla locations offer a fun dining atmosphere for those who enjoy sitting down without the fluff and fuss of formal dining.

Where most Mexican fast food franchises can cost between $500K to $1 million to open, the initial investment for a California Tortilla location is only $402k to $697k. With the average gross revenue of our locations reaching $1,023,268, the California Tortilla unit economics are unbeatable. By opening a California Tortilla location, you have the chance to take advantage of these favorable economics while bringing your community the best in flavor, authenticity, and affordability for Mexican fast food franchises. To learn more about your future with California Tortilla, give us a call today.

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