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Mexican fast food franchises

Satisfaction From Mexican Fast Food Franchises

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

Waking up every morning to clock in for a company you don’t enjoy working for is the unfortunate reality of many. Working for a company that offers a sense of challenge and fulfillment while still having some flexibility in your schedule doesn’t have to be just a dream, however. With a taco franchise like California Tortilla, you can lead a satisfying career that offers spectacular profitability and future growth. When you work with a popular, well respected brand like California Tortilla, you’re offered the chance at a motivating and fulfilling career.

In a world where “Mexican food joints” are opening locations, unfreezing meats and low quality food products, slapping them in a burrito and serving them to their customers, California Tortilla is surprising and delighting its guests by showing respect to one of America’s favorite meals. Our community of Franchise Owners and their employees think of food not just as a meal, but as a work of art, and they show that same respect to our customers. We genuinely care, and that’s the reason why we are successful.

Mexican Food Franchise

What makes our Mexican grill franchise unique is the premise that we are serious about food. It has to be great. We use only premium proteins and our salsa, guacamole, queso and sauces are made fresh daily from the best ingredients we can get our hands on. In fact, there’s no freezer on site at all. Our menu is Chef-Inspired, and while we cater to individual needs, we offer bold and exciting flavor profiles in our signature products.

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“Out of the gate it was just overwhelming. We had lines outside the door… I’m into my second year and this year has been way beyond my expectation.”

Franchise Owner

Buying Into A Successful Brand

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

When it comes to the taco franchise industry, the choices available can be overwhelming. The mexican food industry is extremely popular, with everything from gas station fast food to formal dining restaurant options. Both as a customer and potential business investor, knowing which location to choose can be daunting. As a potential franchisee (and a hungry customer), the best option is going with a well-known brand. California Tortilla has been franchising since 1994 and has over 50 locations nationwide. Consumers recognize our brand instantly for its fresh flavor, quality ingredients, and affordable prices. As a franchise owner, you will benefit from California Tortilla’s success among Mexican fast food franchises.

The demand for our delicious menu options has grown quickly. On average, each location makes over $1 million in revenue annually. We have been able to reach such excellent unit economics with our delicious commitment to unbeatable flavor and quality ingredients. We use fresh, never frozen meats that are grilled onsite. All of our guacamole, sauces, and menu options are made by hand, from scratch. Everything is made to order, so consumers never have to question the quality of our freshness. As consumers become more and more concerned with their health, quality ingredients are given a priority. Consumers are willing to spend more for healthier and fresher options. Freshness is a trademark of the California Tortilla flavor and consumers know this. If you want to open a taco franchise in your community, California Tortilla is guaranteed to bring the customers.


Mexican Fast Food Franchise

“What stood out was the freshness of the ingredients. The variety is limitless. The freshness of the ingredients, the choices, and the people. Every California Tortilla I’ve been to, people are just happy.”

Franchise Owner

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The Benefits of a Taco Franchise

Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

Buying into a franchise takes you away from the painful reality of working a dead end job and into the dream of owning a successful business. Many people hesitate in taking the plunge into entrepreneurship because of inherent risk of business ownership, but franchising offers all the benefits of business ownership without the risk. Where more than half of new businesses fail, franchises have already succeeded. When you buy into a franchise, you are buying into a successful business formula. California Tortilla has been in the game for over 20 years – we know all there is to know about the Mexican fast food franchises. California Tortilla is a taco franchise that promises its owners profitability, satisfaction, challenge, and all the benefits of business ownership. If you’re looking for a motivating career that promises success and future growth, consider joining the California Tortilla team.

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