Since California Tortilla’s beginning, we have made it a point to use only the freshest ingredients. This decision was and always will be a part of our QSR restaurant model:

“The concept of fresh is very interesting to me. It’s also very frustrating to me,” says California Tortiall Co-Founder, Keither Goldman. “A lot of these brands that promote freshness, in reality, are taking frozen pre-processed food and assembling it to order and calling it fresh.”

The Burgeoning Ingredient-Conscious Consumer

As consumers continue to demand more transparency in regards to what’s going into their food, QSR restaurants have responded by offering more fresh ingredients while increasing marketing spend towards healthier options.

Some restaurants have taken it a step further by customizing their menus to meet some of their customers’ stricter dietary needs, from vegans and vegetarians to paleo and Whole30 dieters.

It’s great that many QSR restaurants are finally coming around to this way of thinking.

We at California Tortilla have been doing this all along.


Our restaurant is considered a “scratch” kitchen which means we prepare our meals by utilizing various ingredients as opposed to buying things premade. Each and every day, our staff prepares 25 different recipes to share with our customers. Additionally, our “Wall of Flame” holds 75 different hot sauces which add an additional flavor boost.

Fresh Foods Means Agile Operations

Our commitment to freshness means that we don’t have any freezers. It also means that our proteins are delivered every two to three days, depending on location, and our produce is delivered daily. When it comes to cooking things in “bulk,” like salsa and guacamole, we prepare these items in small batches to keep everything fresh.

“Buying frozen or prepackaged foods have other things in them, like preservatives and other ingredients … that you can’t even pronounce,” Goldman said. “We don’t have anything in our products. That is where the health comes from. People hear fresh, they want clean food.”

When it comes to franchising with California Tortilla, our Franchise Owners are much like how we treat our products: they’re committed to the highest quality.

We’re looking for franchise owners who are ambitious, who are committed to serving only the best – in terms of food and customer service -, and who want to continue setting the standard for QSR Restaurants, both in the industry and franchising spaces. CLICK HERE for more information on franchising with California Tortilla!

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